Victoria Gate Casino

We developed various elements for Victoria Gate Casino whilst based in Leeds.


Victoria Gate Casino is the super casino of the north, the only super casino in the north of England.

Victoria Gate Casino has a capacity of 1,400 people with a 100-player poker room, 24 live gaming tables, 140 slot machines and 75 electronic gaming terminals.

There are 102 TV screens, of which 21 make up a huge video wall to show major sporting events.


Victoria Gate Casino


January 2017


Social Media Adverts

These adverts ran near the start of the business to increase the exposure of the casino and inform people where the casino is situated.

The "Just Walk In" is there to encourage people to come in and visit without being intimidated by the membership program as Victoria Gate Casino is an open door casino, you do not need to be a member to enter the premises.

Email Templates

The two emails below are examples of the birthday emails that were automated and would be sent to customers dependent on their loyalty level - Sapphire (lowest level), Amethyst, Ruby or Carbon (highest level).

These are the 3 weekly emails you receive when you join the Victoria Gate Casino Loyalty Scheme.

Victoria Gate Casino Window Vinyls

The window vinyls were purposefully designed to be bright and eye-catching using the secondary colour pallet from the Victoria Gate Casino brand guidelines.

They were made to stand out and attract attention to the offering of entertainment, food and drink and also point people in the correct direction to the main entrance.

V Card Video
(Loyalty ScHeme)

This was the original loyalty scheme video to encourage people to join. This was displayed on internal screens around the casino.

First Birthday Celebration

This screen was shown throughout the casino during the birthday celebrations.

Poker Championship Pull up banners

These banners were situated around the poker room to advertise a big championship being held at the casino.

Digital Poker Weekly Tournament ScHedule

This digital advertisement was displayed on standing video screens around the casino informing customers of the poker competitions being held each week and any big tournaments that may be coming up.

Direct Mail Campaigns

This was a mail campaign aimed at informing people about the new food offerings at Victoria Gate Casino.

This is what new members to the loyalty scheme received through the post 1 week after joining. The section on “Live Bar” would be updated to the latest sporting event details.

Program Advert

This was a full page advert in the program that was sold at Jack Bateson‘s boxing match at Elland Road Stadium, Victoria Gate Casino was the official after party venue.

Victoria Gate Casino was the official sponsor of Jack Bateson.

New Loyalty ScHeme

“Loyal” was the new loyalty scheme branding from 2018.

The banners were situated around the casino and the video was shown on internal screens.

Lucky 7 Logo and Menu

Lucky 7 menu features 7 different meal options for £7 each

Responsible gambling week

We created these animated screens to help promote awareness of responsible gambling week.


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    Want to find out how we can help your business get to the next level?
    Get in touch today!
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